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I'm born and raised in NEPA and I grew up with the notion that you need to move away after school in order to find something special. I stayed of course and I really enjoy putting effort into making our area a special place to live. I came to realize a new passion that surfaced through the creation of my social media groups---The Back Mountain Community Page & Food of NEPA. I've had the opportunity to meet so many great people over the past few years and I get fulfillment out of helping others and helping to build a stronger community in our area. I started reaching out to meet with people in the community to hear their story and share that with others in our groups. It's a win-win. We can bring positive attention to local businesses or causes and let everyone know what our community has to offer. I'm really excited to see what this journey leads to next as I continue to do my part in making our community a special place to live.

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The Back Mountain Community Page 

I chose to create the Back Mountain Community Page with intentions of bringing the Back Mountain Community together.  The page is full of news about the Dallas school district, small businesses within the community, traffic updates and even a monthly Back Mountain Bulletin post.  If you're in the Back Mountain community and want to be a part of our page give us a like and follow!

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We all love food and I feel it's a great tool to bring people together. It's always been a thing of mine to research new places or specific menu items and share that with others.
Being a realtor I'm always on the road so it feeds into my passion to get out there and keep checking out new local eateries. Our area has no shortage of good food options so it becomes an adventure for me to scope out what to eat next. 
One day on a whim in 2018 I decided to create a food group to map out the places that I eat at along my journey. I felt that people around me just thought I was crazy for always talking about food and telling them where I thought the best this or that was. So I had no intuition that the group would go anywhere. I'm thankful that I did move forward with creating the group for much more than the number of members we now have.

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